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FOX5 NY 4-8-2019

Couple on a mission to photograph Holocaust survivors By Stacey Delikat, FOX 5 NY Posted Apr 08 2019 05:49PM EDT Video Posted Apr 08 2019 05:57PM EDT Updated Apr 08 2019 06:00PM EDT NEW YORK (FOX 5 NY) - On the Upper West Side, John and Amy Pregulman photographed their latest subject. Sol Rosenkranz, 101, is the 871st Holocaust survivor they've photographed. The couple, who live between Memphis and Denver, is on a mission to capture the faces of living survivors before it's too late. "We do feel a sense of urgency because we're losing some every day," John Pregulman said ...
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kveller 3-15-19

This Couple’s Goal Is to Photograph Every Living Holocaust Survivor BY LIOR ZALTZMAN At first, it seems like John and Amy Israel Pregulman nailed the ideal “digital nomad” lifestyle. The very-much-in-love couple travels the and country and the world, side-by-side, working for an organization they built, together, from the ground up. “Every day we wake up and go, ‘We can’t believe we’re getting to do this,'” Amy tells me from the passenger seat of the car, as the couple is en route to Boulder from their home in Denver. But here’s the thing: The Pregulmans don’t have a tech startup, nor ...
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Denver Colorado 9News – 2-20-2019

Couple photographs Holocaust survivors, starts organization to offer financial aid They have taken pictures of more than 770 Holocaust survivors around the world.Author: Jennifer MecklesPublished: 10:13 PM MST February 20, 2019Updated: 10:25 PM MST February 20, 2019 BOULDER, Colo. — John Pregulman likes to learn about the people he photographs. “Mind if I ask you how young you are?” he asked Joseph Juhasz near the start of their session Wednesday. “I’m 81,” Juhasz answered. “And when did you come to this country?” Pregulman asked. “1951,” Juhasz explained. It’s just the beginning of what Pregulman will learn about Juhasz during this ...
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Fox31 Denver – 2-20-2019

Denver photographer on a mission to photograph Holocaust survivors POSTED 4:09 PM, FEBRUARY 20, 2019, BY JEREMY HUBBARD, UPDATED AT 07:45PM, FEBRUARY 20, 2019 BOULDER, Colo. -- There are about 100,000 Holocaust survivors still living in the United States, and a Denver photographer wants to take a portrait of as many of them as possible. Wednesday morning, John Pregulman photographed his 775th survivor at the Jewish Community Center in Boulder. "The photos give a face to the Holocaust, and meaning because these are real people, and it's very important to them to know that younger generations are remembering them and ...
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KAVOD’s Holocaust Survivor Legacy Photography Project

KAVOD ensures Dignity for Holocaust Survivors by giving aid for Emergency situations to the 35,000 Survivors living in poverty. KAVOD also has a Survivor Legacy Photography Project which you can see some of the 780 in this short video. Thank you for your interest in KAVOD and the Holocaust Survivor community ...
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