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Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience, our most common donor questions are answered right here.

*These images do not depict recipients of aid from KAVOD. Those receiving aid are confidential.
The images are of Holocaust Survivors from across the globe and have been taken by John Pregulman since 2012.


How Do I Donate?

You may send your check to

Attn: Amy Israel Pregulman
1779 Kirby Pkwy
Memphis, Tn 38138

or click the donate button and use your credit card through paypal. Go to our Donate page for details.

​100% of all donations received by KAVOD goes to the Survivors. ​

How can I get aid for a Survivor in need?

If you know a Survivor in need, please contact your local Jewish Family Service or contact Amy Israel Pregulman and she will connect you to a Jewish Family Service Agency.  All requests are confidential.

To contact Amy Israel Pregulman call 901-831-0684 or email Amy at amy.kavod@gmail.com.

What areas of the country do you cover?

We are based part of the time in Memphis and part of the time in Denver.  We offer aid to Survivors all over the US.

Not finding what you want? Send an email to amy.kavod@gmail.com.