Help to Ensure Dignity for Holocaust Survivors
KAVOD is raising funds specifically for Holocaust Survivors in need who are effected by the current Hurricanes. Please help us help them.


Welcome to KAVOD

Welcome to the KAVOD website. We are grateful for your interest in our nonprofit organization and our mission to provide aid to Holocaust Survivors in need. KAVOD was created in November 2015 in Memphis, TN to help Holocaust Survivors in the US live the remainder of their lives comfortably and with dignity.

It has been estimated that there are 100,000 Survivors living in the United States and that 20-30 % of them are living at or near poverty levels.  It is unconscionable and unacceptable that these incredible people, who’ve endured so much already, are living their remaining years without the things that they need. KAVOD was created to help these  Survivors live their remaining years with dignity and grace.

Jewish Family Service and the Jewish Federation, as well as other organizations that work with Survivors, are helping to connect Survivors in need with KAVOD on a confidential basis, and KAVOD will in turn provide gift cards to assist them with whatever emergency or day to day needs that they have. The decisions of KAVOD are overseen by a diverse and experienced Board of community leaders, most of whom are children of Survivors.  Since inception,  KAVOD has served Holocaust Survivors by working with the local JFS in communities in Memphis, Denver, Chicago, Charleston, Charlotte, Chattanooga, Clearwater Florida, Central New Jersey, and New York.

John and Amy Israel Pregulman are the founders of KAVOD.   He is a native of Chattanooga, TN and has been photographing Survivors since 2012. He has photographed 487 so far  in 23 cities in the US, as well as Tokyo and Prague, and expects to be over 500 by the end of the year after visiting San Francisco, Kansas City, and Clearwater, FL. There is no commercial aspect to this project; he simply gives the photos to the Survivors and their families in an effort to honor and preserve their legacy.  He continues to tour the country taking photographs, as well as raising money through KAVOD, and would welcome inquiries from anyone who knows of Survivors who would like to have their photos taken. Amy is a native Memphian who has had a career in the Jewish nonprofit world.  She has taken the role of Executive Director and works with John on all aspects of the organization and the photography project.

*These images do not depict recipients of aid from KAVOD.  Those receiving aid are confidential.  The images are of Holocaust Survivors from across the globe and have been taken by John Pregulman since 2012.