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The Commercial Appeal 4-22-2017

Commemorating Holocaust Remembrance Day On Monday, which is Holocaust Remembrance Day, we remember not only those who perished but those who struggle to survive. There are about 100,000 Holocaust survivors living in the United States. More than one in four of them are existing at or below the poverty level. Those unconscionable numbers will continue to rise as survivors age into their 90s and drain whatever resources they have. Many lost their life’s savings in the Holocaust and were never reimbursed. Others have no family support. Too many don’t have the means to overcome major medical bills or other unforeseen ...
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Jewish Scene Magazine 4-20-2017

KAVOD CONTRIBUTES OVER $15,000 TO HOLOCAUST SURVIVORS HOW IS IT POSSIBLE, AFTER ALL OF THE YEARS OF SUFFERING, TRAUMA AND STRUGGLE, MORE THAN 30% OF HOLOCAUST SURVIVORS IN THE UNITED STATES ARE LIVING AT OR BELOW POVERTY? IN ADDITION TO THE CHALLENGES OF SENIOR CAREGIVING, THESE PARTICULAR SENIORS ISSUES ARE ENHANCED AND MULTIPLIED WITH THE TRAUMA OF THEIR PAST. KAVOD, which means dignity, fills the gap for these survivors by offering emergency aid for basic needs. The organization acquired its 501(c)3 classification in the fall of 2016 and has already raised over $25,000 and served survivors in Memphis, Chicago, Chattanooga, ...
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The Charlotte Jewish News

Kavod: Bringing Dignity to Survivors Through Photography     By Amy Krakovitz Kavod … the Hebrew for dignity, for honor. It’s imbedded in the Ten Commandments with the mitzvah to honor our fathers and mothers. But how much dignity can someone have if he or she is living in poverty? Statistics show that 25% of US Holocaust survivors, and upwards of 30% worldwide, are living below the poverty line. When you include those who are just one major event from the edge of poverty, the numbers are staggering. John Pregulman, a native of Chattanooga, created Kavod, a non-profit to raise funds ...
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March of the Living – 3.23.2016

Helping Holocaust survivors helps all of us Sam and Frieda grew up in the same city in Poland, but they met walking down the same street at a displaced persons camp in Germany in 1946. “I noticed her right away,” Sam Weinreich said, looking at Frieda as if he was seeing her for the first time. “I said, ‘I like what I see. I’m going to marry that beautiful girl.'” “Uh, huh,” said Frieda, sitting beside Sam in their East Memphis home and looking at him as if she’d heard it all a million times before. The Weinreichs, who are ...
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