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I would like to thank KAVOD on behalf of my mother for the Target Gift Card.  We received it from Jewish Family Service and it is most appreciated.   The Jewish Family Service has been a Godsend for our family and without their guidance and support, I don’t know how we could have kept mother in familiar surroundings with caregivers that help take care of her.  KAVOD provides a Mitzvah for Survivors and for all your work  there is a special place in heaven for you all .

Houston, TX


Hello dear Amy and John!

Thank you very much for your dedication to Jewish history and real attempt to preserve at least in the pictures what is left from the generation of Russian Jewry! I admire your persistent and patience by taking so many pictures and all that with the friendly smile!  I like my picture! Considering – I’ll be 87 years” young”  at November 15 – not bad!!! Thanks for the generosity.

I survive Holocaust, but my Grandparents and all relative who left in Odessa – was killed by German. It was not simple to escape… My childhood ended at 1941 when the war start.  And the antisemitism after we came back to Odessa and Stalin was in fury by the fact that some Jew survive…

I’m telling you all that to prove the good job of yours to make me look as you did! Wish a lot of interesting meetings and success at every step of your Honorable deed!

Best wishes and great respect

Holocaust Survivor


THANK YOU… In this uncertain world with random violence seemingly becoming the norm, your kindness and generosity towards our local Holocaust survivors is overwhelming. I am fully aware of your deep understanding of how impacted they can be – and how disasters, both man-made and natural can shake their core. Your gesture helps them get through another day, knowing “KAVOD” still has meaning. Thank you and thanks to Alyssa, for our introduction to you and KAVOD.
Jenni Frumer, PhD, LCSW, MSEd, RG
Chief Executive Officer, Alpert Jewish Family & Children’s Service, Levine Jewish Residential & Family Service


Your generosity to our organization helped so many of our clients that experienced loss of food during Hurricane Irma. We are very appreciative for all that you have done. I am reaching out to you again, as we have finalized all of our inquiries and reached out to all of our clients at this point. If your agency is able to assist us with a few remaining clients, it would be greatly appreciated. We certainly will understand if the funds are needed elsewhere, as there have been so many critical situations in such a short span of time. We have benefitted greatly from your organization and we are forever grateful for what you have already done to assist us. We could use another $600 in Publix and another $200 in Walmart gift cards, if possible. Please accept our deepest, heartfelt appreciation.
Marlene Wain
Case Manager, Holocaust Survivor Program, Gulf Coast Jewish Family & Community Services