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Jewish Scene Magazine 1- 21-2016

  *These images do not depict recipients of aid from Kavod.  Those receiving aid are confidential.  The images are of Holocaust Survivors from across the globe and have been taken by John Pregulman since 2012. Kavod…Honoring Strength and Preserving Dignity If pictures are worth 1,000 words, then the large and still-growing collection of portraits by photographer John Pregulman m...
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Times Free Press 11-29-2015

Cook: Portraits in the Book of Life One woman was packed into a boxcar bound for Auschwitz. So crowded, no one could sit down. People began to starve. The woman, who was a girl then, was extraordinarily tall, with very long arms. There was a hole in the boxcar floor. When the train would stop, she was able to reach her long arms down through the hole and pull up handfuls of grass. That's how s...
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